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    Thursday, August 16th, 2018
    [ princessshuri ]
    November Block
    So we don't have to shout and talk over each other along the bus, I thought posting here might be a good idea.

    1. We've been on the buses for ages
    2. Said buses are driving themselves but I have ideas of how that might be possible
    3. There's plenty of food in the back and it doesn't seem to decrease.

    So. We have a long way to go. It's possibly a camp.

    Any other ideas? Also. I'm bored and we should play some games. Don't students always play games on buses on the way to camps and sing songs? At least they do in movies.

    Brother! Are you alright?
    Tuesday, August 14th, 2018
    [ lastsonof ]
    We've been driving for quite some time.

    Diana, Bruce (DCEU), Lois

    Do the scientists have blue kryptonite? Everyone accounted for, I assume?


    Are you all right? I'm assuming you're on another bus and you're fine. Do you have everything you need?
    [ toby_williams ]
    Well this is going to be horrible. Reminds me far to much of school camp.

    Has anything good ever actually happened on camps?
    [ bucky ]
    Anyone know what goats eat?

    I mean, I know what they eat. It's everything. But what they're supposed to eat.
    Monday, August 13th, 2018
    [ deadparents ]
    Is this going to be like the circus again?
    [ thewittgenstein ]
    All aboard!

    Beep Beep!
    [ nottiberius ]
    Hollow Oak campground, anyone? Bones, I know you're ecstatic.

    [ billykaplan ]
    [Tony Stark (616)]
    So the timer is gonna run out soon.
    You think by now I'd stop being anxious whenever this counter bullshit happens.
    Sunday, August 12th, 2018
    Once the timer runs out, each specimen will wake up to find themselves seated on a bus with their blockmates. (Deadpool is nowhere to be found). On their seat, they'll find a pack with their name on it. Inside the bag, each block has a unique outfit in the prefered gender of the specimen.
    ★ You have until tonight to finish searching for Day 11 and Day 12.

    ★ Please CHECK if you have reached 500g so you can get an item from home and respond here as soon as possible.

    ★ While on the bus, specimens can still cash in their gold for "Acorn Tickets" which can be used in the Camp.

    ★ You really... really want to cash in your gold

    ★ Lima's block was cashed out automatically. All gold found by Lima members has been added to a group pool of acorn tickets.

    ★ The buses appear to be driving themselves.

    Characters who got items from home will also find those items in their packs. If you haven't picked your item yet assume your specimen just missed it at first and finds it later.

    ★ There are large coolers in the back of the bus with plenty of snacks. Sandwiches, peanuts, etc. Food is bland but there won't be a shortage.

    ★ Powers are off

    ★ The network is on, and the only way to communicate with people in other buses

    ★ IC the characters have no idea how long they'll be on the buses. OOC, you can expect them to be released about Wednesday night or Thursday.

    Monday, August 13th, 2018
    [ rattata ]
    Has anyone found something out about their future that they can't actually believe?

    Marauders + Lily + Harry
    Um. I spoke to Lily. I really really don't know what happened. You're family. I'd never betray you. I told the Slytherin's to get lost. I want nothing to do with them.

    Sunday, August 12th, 2018
    [ willrobinson ]
    What does the timer mean? Does it mean some of us will go to space again?

    I don't really like timers.
    Saturday, August 11th, 2018
    [ monmothma ]
    It looks like our time here is coming to an end if that timer is any indication. Any ideas where we might end up next?

    Bail, Ben, Leia
    Have any of you had much luck with the panning?
    Friday, August 10th, 2018
    [ thewittgenstein ]
    Days 11 and 12 are up now.

    Additionally, characters who've mined over 500g of gold receive an item from home. Here is the current total everyone has accumulated. (I'll be updating the as I reply to the search comments). Players can choose the items that their characters will receive, but it's not IC knowledge. Leave a comment below with the item you wish your character to be given. Unless the mods contact you, you can assume the item will be waiting for that character at the start of the next scenario.

    IC: A New Countdown has appeared on the network.

    (Searching ends when the timer runs out but there will still be a chance to "cash in" some or all of the gold.)
    [ kamalakhan ]
    Captain Groot, Captain of the Space pirate ship I am GROOT looked around him, his hands on his hips. His ship had been on their way to Kashyyyk to meet with Fist Mate Chewbacca of the Millinum Falcon and it's captain, notorious smuggler Han Solo who had some contraband that they wanted to sell to them. The passage was going smoothly until they stumbled into a trap set by the notorious Admiral of the Fleet Bill Adama who was determined to capture and eradicate all Pirates from the space surrounding the Twelve Colonies.

    "I AM GROOT!" he bellowed at the crew of his ship. First Office Rocket swerved sharply to avoid the fire coming from Galactica, taking them into a spinning dive.

    Quill was the last one to arrive at his station, grumbling as he did so. I AM GROOT. i AM GROOT">.

    "Yes Captain Groot," Gamora said readying the weapons to fire on the aft side of the ship, if necessary while her sister Nebula did the same on the port side.
    Thursday, August 9th, 2018
    [ blackwidow ]
    Clint, Wanda and I found this while we were out looking for gold. Half of an advertisement for... something. Does it look familiar to anyone? Has anyone seen what might be the other half of the paper?

    Could be nothing. But it could be something.

    Click either to enlarge

    [Bruce Banner (MCU)]
    See? Forthcoming.
    Wednesday, August 8th, 2018
    [ thewittgenstein ]
    Gold Rush
    Days 8-10 are up.

    As a bit of OOC info, There are only two days remaining (Days 11-12 will be up Friday and carry through until Monday.) So please get out their and mine and cash in your gold if you want to!
    [ banner ]
    If there was a scenario that you could go back to and do over, what would it be?
    Sunday, August 5th, 2018
    [ shield ]
    So we've been at this gold thing for a while. How many people have cashed in any of what they've found for those "special" currency we're supposed to be collecting? It sounds a bit like the prize tickets they give out in the Coney Island arcades if you ask me: meaning they aren't worth much.

    [Lima Block]
    That said, I think it's important that we, as a collective, cash in at least a portion of everything we find since we should be looking at this as a group. I plan to give it an extra push for Lima specifically if we're still doing this over the next couple days.

    I don't want the block to be left behind because we failed to co-operate.
    [Tony Stark (616)]
    Clint is gone.

    Hurts a little. Especially with the anniversary of -- you know -- coming up.
    [ couriersix ]
    Who: Courier Six & Luke Skywalker
    When: Day 6
    Where: The other mine entrance.
    Rating: PG-13ish? Expect injuries, and it's Six, so expect swearing, lousy metaphors and loads of unintelligible, mid-century American slang, too.

    Caves are funny like that. )
    Saturday, August 4th, 2018
    [ thewittgenstein ]
    Day 6 and 7 are up now on the Gold Search post. You can hit up 5, 6, or 7 until Monday night. :)
    [ iron ]
    We've all been at this for a few days now. Which spots have hit well? Is there any kind of system we should be trying for, here?

    [Peter Parker]
    Hey, Spider-Man.
    Friday, August 3rd, 2018
    [ rattata ]
    Thanks to everyone who got us out. I'm not going back to the mines any time soon. Sorry Lily & Bruce.

    Is it your turn to avoid me now?
    Thursday, August 2nd, 2018
    [ thatsjustypical ]
    Who: Leonard McCoy and Jim Kirk
    When: Day 3 of panning
    Where: The river
    What: Panning for gold
    Rating: Probably not greater than PG (other than Bones's language)

    as long as the damn kids stayed out of the damn mines... )
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